About Professional Log Evaluation

David W. Curwen, P. Eng., MBA

Dave Curwen has over 35 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, primarily in an exploration environment as a petrophysicist. He began as a logging engineer working in most areas of Western Canada before gaining overseas experience both in open hole and cased hole logging. Returning to Canada, he worked in cased-hole sales. He was then transferred to Schlumberger's new (at the time) computing centre as its first interpretation engineer. Upon leaving Schlumberger, he spent eight years as a consulting log analyst before beginning a career as an oil company petrophysicist. Dave has had a great deal of experience in the management and exploitation of exploration data, with extensive experience in log analysis. He has co-authored and marketed log analysis software and has taught log analysis courses in basic, advanced and cased-hole analysis.

In 2002, Dave took early retirement in order to explore new opportunities in the consulting environment. His first major project was as part of a multi-disciplined team put together by IBM to assess the IT environment at PEMEX, Mexico’s national oil company. Since his return to Calgary in 2011, he has been teaching log interpretation schools to geologists, engineers and landmen.

Career Highlights


➢ Logged wells in Western Canada and South America
➢ Co-authored “Log-Mate” log analysis system
➢ Taught log interpretation to hundreds of students (engineers, geologists, geophysicists, technologists and administrators
➢ Pioneered the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging logging in Canada
➢ Experience in log analysis techniques in most formations of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
➢ Experience in log analysis on the East Coast and the Arctic and the U.S. Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountains and Central Plains.
➢ Created and managed an extensive log data library; both digital and hard copy

Geotechnical Management:

➢ Implemented a new seismic data management system at Suncor
➢ Managed the transfer of seismic data storage to a new facility
➢ Managed the integration of log, rock sample and DST analysis to provide new exploration techniques
➢ Championed the use of petrographics (rock sample analysis) in exploration
➢ Championed the use of PPDM as a data standard at Suncor.
➢ Mentored the development of young log analysts under his management