Basic Log Seminar

Course Overview:

This is a course of approximately 24 hours of classroom training to give the student a basic understanding of the collection of log data, the basic physics of the measurements and the interpretation of the data. Upon completion of the course the student should be able to critique the quality of the measurements, calculate porosity and water saturation and estimate lithologies and permeabilities. Real examples are used in the provided work sessions to give the student practice in working with logs. Advanced logging tools and complimentary well services will be discussed but not covered in detail. Students are expected to bring a scientific calculator or laptop computer (charging facilities may be limited). The complete set of course materials is provided.

Course Outline:

Logging operations and depth control
Fundamental physics and equations
The SP log
Resistivity logs
Porosity logs
Porosity/lithology from combination logs
Gamma Ray logs
Basic log analysis techniques
Fluid production estimates
Shaly Sand Analysis

Cost: $1,450.00 plus GST